Jonnie Angeletti Introduces Eddie Money


Eddie Is One Of The Most Poplular Performers To Ever Come To Kalamazoo!

Eddie Money had just finished his meet and greet at the Ribfest 2010 concert. He was resting in his private trailer for 10 minutes before going out on stage. When Eddie heard that Jonnie was going to be introducing his act he immeadiately came to say hello to Jonnie and thank him.

Eddie spent the next 10 minutes talking, taking pictures, and signing our T-Shirts. Eddie asked to come out on stage directly following Jonnie's introduction so that he could personally thank Jonnie and all the folks from Community Advocates. The world could use a whole lot more Eddie Monies!

When we walked off stage with Eddie after Jonnie's introduction I smiled as all Eddie wanted to do was talk about how well Jonnie could read and talk. I was thinking to myself, Eddie you are wanted on stage. Eddie is a real professional and knows what he has to do on stage, but just as important the Eddie behind the scenes is one heck of a great guy. Eddie gave his all to Ribfest 2010.

The last thing I remember saying to Eddie was; "Thank you for all that you have done for my son and Community Advocates, and of course, Rock On Brother!"