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I highly recommend Mr. Jerry Angeletti for web site development. During the time I have known Mr. Angeletti, I have personally seen his outstanding expertise in developing web sites. His excellence impressed me to the extent that I had him design and develop my own web site. The result was impressive.

Others have told me that he is one of the best they have seen in incorporating photo and video software applications to create dynamic, attractive web sites that stand out among their competition. Besides being intelligent and highly competent, he is extremely dependable, dedicated, and possesses an outstanding personality, making hima delight to be associated with. He owns the intellectual and personal qualifications to develop a web site for any business which desires a website that effectively boosts its profit margin.

Therefore, I therefore strongly recommend Mr. Jerry Angeletti
for any anyone who desires excellent web site development.

C. Robert Secrist, BG US Army (Ret.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are very pleased with the work that Jerry Angeletti has done for our company!
He has successfully transferred our website from our previous website provider to his company.
He quickly got us up and running.

Jerry created a beautiful, easy to use, easy to manage website.
He has been professional and provided excellent customer service!

~ Sheri's Fine Salon & Spa

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To whom it may concern,
Jerry Angeletti taught a website design class for Joomla based websites that I attended at Grace spring bible church this January.
I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge during that class.
Jerry was a very patient teacher and really took his time when someone needed it.
Since that class I’ve been working with Jerry on my own E-commerce website.

I would highly recommend Jerry for all of the services that he has to offer.


David Amidon, Owner

DMK Woodcraft, L.L.C.
8244 North 24th. St.• Kalamazoo, MI. 49004


Eddie Money & Jonnie



∞ Quantum Branding


Identifying all positive values of an entity, and prioritizing said values to reinforce, or establish a positive brand.

(The term ∞ Quantum Branding™ ∞ was created by and first posted on Linked-in On May 10, 2011 by Jerry Angeletti)