What Merchant and E-Commerce Software To Use?

What  E-Commerce Software and Merchant Service To Use?

Jerry Angeletti

Great question and a difficult one to answer. Merchant service competition is fierce and people choose their merchant service for a variety of different reasons.

PayPal is well known to most people because of eBay. This is why I chose this service for my E-Commerce Merchant.  Authorize.net is not as well known, but they too are a popular provider. The difference in regards total cost to subscribers between these two is minimal despite the advertising hype. In regards to accessing purchasing information PayPal has not been the most user-friendly system to export from. However, they are about to release a new update to change that.

To sum it up PayPal and Authorize.net are the two top providers. I personally am going to recommend PayPal Website Payments Pro because PayPal is more aggressive in listening to and actually delivering what customers ask for.  I have seen PayPal make changes for specific things I have requested, though I was likely one of many.

There are lots of articles you can Google about the two. If you Google them I would use "PayPal Website Payments Pro" verses "Authorize.net" and then you will be comparing apples to apples.

Here is an interesting article that talks about how PayPal is continuing to evolve in the Merchant Industry:

Here is another interesting article talking about how eBay is going to purchase Magento which is an E-Commerce software provider:

So for me, where PayPal and eBay go, that is where I am going to stay for now.

Jerry Angeletti is a former Scientific Oracle Warehouse Developer for Upjohn/Upjohn Pharmacia/Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Jerry's career included assigning doctors, hospitals and HMO's to USA Territories for Sales and Marketing. He was also a Medical Programmer coding Efficacy and Adverse Event algorithms for FDA submissions. His final programming position was as a Scientific Programmer responsible for Oracle Warehouse Modeling. He developed a warehouse joining clinical and genetic data for statistical analysis with a new Scientific Informatics Unit. After a twenty year career he accepted an early buy-out and started his own business Angeletti Pictures in June of 2004.

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